Warranty Inspections

What is an 11-Month Warranty Inspection?

This is also called the one-year inspection for some builders, which allows the homeowner to have any blemishes, flaws, or issues remedied. Before that one-year is up, it is important to hire a home inspector to investigate the home for anything you might not have noticed or see is happening. 

This kind of inspection is a full look at your home from foundation to roof, and everything in between. A warranty inspection will give you the opportunity to find any problems that were caused by the builder, and get them fixed at no cost to you, because they were found while the home was under warranty. 

The Risk of Skipping This Inspection

Many new homes are built quickly, and oftentimes builders make mistakes. That is what a warranty inspection is for, to find these mistakes so that the builder will have to fix them. However, if these defects are found after the one-year warranty has expired, the cost to repair them will be an out of pocket expense.

The risk of not having this inspection is that it can cost you a lot of money later. For example, if a pipe fails under your home and you didn’t know it was happening, you might later be dealing with a flooded basement; an issue that could have been prevented.

Added Benefits of an 11-Month Warranty Inspection

You could save money by getting this kind of inspection before the deadline hits, because defects found under warranty will be repaired and covered by the builder.

A warranty inspection also gives you a chance to ask more questions about your home, and learn about the systems that are within the home. We at In Depth Home Inspections possess a wealth of knowledge about home builds and are eager to share our tips and recommendations to maintain your home. 

The 11-month inspection will give you peace of mind that you are doing your due diligence in the care and safety of the home for your entire family. This appointment only takes a few hours, and you’ll get a full written report about all the components of your home. This is a great resource later in the event something goes wrong years from now. 

At In Depth Home Inspections, LLC our goal is to make sure you are confident in your new build home for years to come!